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Fine Mist Odor Neutralizer by D-ODR 

Fine Mist by D-ODR is the essential odor neutralizer that keeps you covered in all situations thanks to it's instantaneous odour eliminator power. Fine Mist is a precise combination of essential oils inspired by nature but refined through science. 

D-ODR Fine Mist is an expertly blended formula of terpenes that work in combination to neutralise powerful odours. 

D-ODR Fine Mist has launched in a range of four pleasant & lasting aroma profiles: Strawberry Sensation, Aromatic Apple, Lasting Lavendar & Clean & Crisp. 

D-ODR's packaging is eco-friendly made from 100% aluminium because of the material's infinite recyclability, this also enables D-ODR  to continue with its pledge to reduce their carbon footprint.

The ingredients to the 70ml bottle are a pre-mixed 'magic potion' made without adding any gas. This makes it easy to travel with or ship in the mail.

D-ODR Fine Mist is intended to replace specific odours from the air in any size room, through neutralisation. This means whether away at a hotel or at home in your room you can stay with the pplesaent aroma of this D-ODR Fine Mist Fragrance. Additionally, you can even use it on your clothes after a trip through the garden. It works outside perfectly whilst not being suitable for use in the garden itself. 

As D-ODR say's, no more masking!

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